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Eto’o supposed how many goals Messi and Aguero will score next season at Barcelona

A bold caim by the former striker

Samuel Eto’o is a big fan of the Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero combination. Aguero and Messi are currently playing for Argentina at Copa 2021 and giving us a bit of a preview of what the two will look like at the Camp Nou next season.

The former Barca man chatted a bit about the new Barcelona pairing this week.

“We’re going to see 60 goals every season,” he said. I only hope that God protects them from any more injuries.” (c) Eto’o

I gotta say, I love the confidence in the pairing from Eto’o. However, the only way Messi and Aguero score sixty goals combined is if Messi scores 55 and Aguero knocks in five throughout the ten games he plays due to injury.

I jest.

But really, that’s the main concern. At the very least they’ll be fun to watch when they are on the pitch together.